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My Shining Star Privacy Policy

My Shining Star values everybody that comes into contact with the charity and we take your privacy very seriously. We are committed to treating the information you give us very sensitively and ensure that it is protected using secure systems. You are welcome to discuss this with us at any time about how we use your information.

How you give us information

  • If you make contact with us either requesting support or to get involved with fundraising.
  • Requesting updates on a grant application or fundraising support.
  • Enabling us to share your story to encourage further support for the cause.
  • Making donations (this could be via social media platforms, Just Giving, Go Fund Me and other third party sites) or directly on our website.
  • Via a gift aid declaration Form
  • Sponsorship Forms
  • Application for employment or volunteering.
  • Requesting fundraising materials.
  • By pledging a monthly donation.
  • By participating in the Giving Lottery or any of our raffles.
  • Signing up to communication via our website or social media.

Third Party Sharing with us

This could be via fundraising platforms such as:
  • Amazon Wish List
  • Easy Fundraising
  • Giving Lottery
  • KM Charity Team
  • Another other external fundraising companies
  • Other charities such as Young Lives VS Cancer if there is a grant need.

Public Information

We may, from time to time collect data given to us from small fundraising groups, schools, businesses that have chosen us as ‘Charity of the Year’, for example. We will inform you that we are holding this information and will honour any request to cease processing of information- to protect privacy.

What kind of information do we hold?

Typically, we can hold basic details such as name, address, date of birth, contact telephone number. For families that are in touch for support, we may hold information marked in our grant form. A copy of this is available at your request. This form usually includes correspondence from Young Lives VS Cancer or hospital Clinical Support Worker. These organisations adhere to their own Privacy Policies. Details of a child’s diagnosis and welfare, or items such as bank statements may be shared with us, or bank details. Typically, we COLLECT the most basic of contact details unless actioning a request for support.

What do we do with the information we receive?

How we use the information you give us depends on why it has been given in the first place. It could be that we use your information for:
  • General day to day housekeeping and admin
  • Fundraising support
  • Responding to your requests for support- or your requests to support our charitable efforts.
  • Purchases from the website
  • Purchasing raffle tickets or lottery tickets.
  • Promoting our charitable activities.
  • Claiming Gift Aid
  • Processing donations and purchases.
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Social Media Communications
  • Make grant decisions based on the financial information given to us directly or via a third party.
  • Provide information about the services we provide and the work we carry out.
My Shining Star may share this information as necessary to carry out our work in supporting families. This may include a child’s medical information, details of any siblings, hospitals, other charities, clinical support or social workers. We will always ask for your permission to share this information. Other scenarios may include:
  • Where you have ticked a box to receive marketing.
  • Where we have lawful reason to communicate with you.
  • Information shared with HMRC to be able to obtain Gift Aid on your behalf.
  • If we are legally required to by Law.
  • Your data will be available to our website provider, but only to improve our website, communication and charitable aims. You WILL NOT be contacted by our website provider directly outside of MY Shining Star. Vovi- our website provider, will not share your details with any third party.

Keeping your information safe

We keep your information stored on password protected systems which are then locked away without fail when not used. Any paper correspondence is also held securely and locked away. The charity holds Cyber Insurance in the event of an attack. Since registering the charity in November 2016, this has not been compromised.

We will never bombard you with useless information and any requests to opt out of any communication will be swiftly actioned. If using marketing (for example, our newsletter) we will send communication no more than once a week (this is usually monthly).

Any enquiries regarding this policy can be sent to if further clarification is needed about how we store and share your information.
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