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Getting Support

How we can help during your family's time of need

We know that asking for help can often be hard. This is where My Shining Star will help your to ensure you get the right help with as little distress as possible.

The three PRIORITY areas we focus on are are Financial Hardship, Sibling Support and Bereaved Families.

There are many wonderful 'wish' charities out there that can help you with creating memories for your children. We are not a wish charity, purely because we recognise that there are not enough charities out there giving practical support which is our primary focus.

Sometimes families feel understandably upset about how life has changed since their child’s diagnosis (for example, if they have had to leave employment to care for their child, or if a spouse has to leave work to care for and support any siblings).
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What support do we offer?

We are here to help you, providing we have the funds to do so and that the criteria are met (please read our Grant Guidelines). An example of the help we can give:
Support with utilities.
Specialist beds.
White goods (such as fridge to store medicines).
Help towards food costs.
Hospital travel expenses.
Therapy with a trained Trauma Counsellor.
Trauma therapy training classes.
Treats for siblings (if we have funds to do so).
Support with funeral expenses.
Above all, we are great listeners. Having encountered thousands of families from all different backgrounds on this journey, we just wish to be a friend and a helping hand through a difficult time. At our discretion and when finances allow, we sometimes will consider other services (such as music therapy, as an example).
Young child in hospital


Please see our guidance document for more in depth information but typically, the child must:
Be under the age of 18.
Be a UK resident.
Have a cancer diagnosis or still be affected by cancer, or its treatment.
Have less than £6,000 in savings (including parent or guardian).
Have a low income, or where cancer has significantly widened the gap between income and expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not as such. There are many wish charities who do a fantastic job and so we concentrate on hardship primarily. However, at our discretion- we have been known to use our lovely contacts to perform a little magic! This is usually at very little or no cost to My Shining Star and as and when time allows (especially for footballers and celebrities).

We have been very fortunate to have some wonderful contacts who offer their time as and when they can. However, these are not guaranteed.
We do not typically organise holidays for families. At our discretion- and usually with the help of outside organisations, we may occasionally support with a break. Typically, this is when there are struggling siblings or where the family has suffered a bereavement. This is solely at the discretion of My Shining Star and hardship and therapy requests will always take precedent.
Yes, if they meet the criteria- however it must be the parent/guardian or social worker that makes contact with the charity.
We can only support children who are residents in the UK or have leave to remain. This does not include UK nationals that have had to leave the country for treatment, they will still be eligible to apply.
You will need to leave at least 6 months between grant applications, which will then be considered by trustees at our discretion and treated as a new application.
Yes! We have a lovely family hub which you are welcome to visit any time we are open- typically Monday – Friday between 9am- 2.30pm.

Please contact us on 01634 362126 or 07383 377877 to make arrangements.
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