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Bernd Leno's Christmas Treat

James meets Arsenal goalkeeper

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It’s not every day you get to arrange for the Arsenal goalkeeper to actually go round to a sick little boys house at Christmas!! ❤️😱

Little James is 9 and has a spinal tumour. The more surgery he has to remove his cancer, the less feeling he has in his legs 😔. It has been a terrible year for James and his family. We are so grateful and so happy this was possible. He’s been poorly for such a long time. He was presented with gifts including a signed jersey and gloves! He was shy at first but then very chatty and asking Bernd lots of questions!

Thank you so much to Bernd Leno and his gorgeous and very lovely wife Sophie who have just been a dream to speak to. What a lovely couple. ❤️❤️❤️

A massive thank you also to the powers that be - that will not want a mention, but do deserve one, for raising much needed awareness for our small but amazing charity once again!!

Merry Christmas!! Xxx

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